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Funka is the market leader in accessibility in Sweden.

We analyze, develop and educate in accessibility. We provide support, recommendations and testing. Through our work in W3C and the EU we are contributing to setting standards. We are in the reference and working groups at national and international level. We have 80% of the Swedish public sector authorities as customers. We do say that we can take any interface and make it accessible...

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Program April 14-15, 2015

March 27 is the last day to register for Funka Accessibility Days. We look forward to an amazing event with some of the most interesting speakers in the world, an exciting exhibition with a gaming corner, competitions, assistive technology and 3D scanning.
Funka Accessibility Days, program and registration
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Funka expands in Madrid

To continue the expansion regarding our European research projects, Funka has recruited a Project Manager at our Madrid office, Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf. His first assignment will be to coordinate our important project for the EC in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, PROEIPAHA.
Project Manager recruited for PROEIPAHA
Peter Lundblad. Photo

Google’s Peter Lundblad interviewed before Funka Accessibility Days

This year’s programme at Funka Accessibility Days may be the best that we’ve ever put together. We got an exclusive interview with one of the speakers, Google’s Peter Lundblad, who tells us about the company’s work on accessibility.
Interview with Peter Lundblad, accessibility expert at Google
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Funka joins the NavMem research project

Funka will be joining the on-going research project Navigation Support for Older Travellers with Memory Decline, NavMem, for its final phase. The project is funded by the AAL, and Funka’s role will be to recruit end users for user testing, business model development and the dissemination of information about the project.
Funka in research project on navigation for older travellers
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Funka produces films from a user perspective

Funka has been assigned by the Swedish Government’s Userforum to produce films focusing on the user. The films will be used in a campaign to promote accessibility on the web, both in the public and private sector.
Films about the web from a user perspective
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IAAP Access 2015

The International Association of Accessibility Professionals, IAAP, will hold its inaugural event in the fall of 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Inaugural event for IAAP
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Funka develops accessibility methodology for the European Commission

The EC has chosen Funka to develop a European methodology for measuring web accessibility for the future web accessibility Directive. The assignment is lead by Funka and performed together with Empirica, the European Disability Forum, W3C and COWI.
Methodology for measuring web accessibility in Europe
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Cognitive accessibility – how come we know so little?

More research is needed on accessibility for persons with cognitive disabilities. That is shown in a research report where Funka participated in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Dyslexia Association in Sweden.
Research report on cognitive accessibility
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The alarm is not enough

Funka’s ideologist and accessibility expert Stefan Johansson gives a useful and simple tip on how to check the accessibility of your workplace. Just press the alarm button and see what happens.
Chronicle by Funka’s Stefan Johansson
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Funka will be leading the EIPAHA Support Action

Funka is the project coordinator of a major project within the EU framework program Horizon 2020. The assignment is to provide support services for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, EIPAHA. The project will run for two years with a budget of 2 MEURO.
Funka as project coordinator of the CSA on EIPAHA

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José Angel Martínez Usero
Responsible for International Affairs

Direct: +34 910 290 717
Mobile: +34 696 721 444

Funka Nu AB

Calle Fuente del Cerro, 11
28250, La Berzosilla, Madrid

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At the moment we are recruiting web developers in Drupal and EpiServer to our office in Stockholm.

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